Trouble loosing the fat ? my 90 pound weight loss in 10 month story

I been having trouble loosing weight my whole life, the work out never been my problem, but the big issue have been the cravings for food, feeling hungry, needing sugar, and i know i haven’t been the only one, i have now lost over 90 pounds in 10 -11 months thats like a skinny womans whole weight that i lost in fat, i wanna tell how i did this. cause is so easy simple and can be done like pretty fast if you just follow some simple rules. most important fact before i begin 80% of the battle to lose weight is the diet and the persistency REMEMBER that.

For 6 days every week you not taking carbohydrates like rice bread pasta potatoes, pizza hamburgers fried food desserts sodas alcohol, anything that you probably already know its not good for you. and you stick to vegetables meat fish chicken turkey beans all kinds of beans, whole grain bread and whole grain pasta but at minimum so no more then a good sized handful each day, and eggs and so on. and you gonna take a 30 min walk each day or more of course if you can, and you make some red african tea each day which gonna help you so so much with the hunger so you don’t feel hungry, which is probably the worst thing usually in weight loss, and 2 -4 tbsp apple cider vinegar each day, get some good night sleep. now all these things you gonna do 6 days each week, and the 7 day you have a off day where you can enjoy eating what you want without feeling guilty. you follow this game plan i will guarantee a 11 – 13 pounds weight loss each month easy without a doubt. remember diet and persistence is key to this all you need is a little bit discipline, diet plan, 30 min walks and some apple cider vinegar, which you can get everywhere, and some red african tea which btw tastes so good, Click here to get the red african tea

why did i do this blog because i was depressed and ashamed of my weight it affected almost every thing in my everyday life and you try to act like you not bothered but i know it does you don’t wanna go out don’t wanna be so social, rather just be home, you lazy don’t wanna work and pretty much a lot of things just sucks when you are over 300 pounds and cant fit any close you actually wanna wear, so you just stick to black color because that hides the fat easier. believe me when i say you will become so happy when you start to loose the weight everything is so much more good, life starts to get more beautiful people becoming proud you cant stop smiling, and don’t even get me started on the health benefits oh my god. Stop the madness start now.

PS. this way the fat stays off this not some special pill you gonna take or some other strange powder my way you gonna stay healthy and dont gain anything back on. plz comment or write me for any questions.